Abundance Mentality - Internalization of the idea that there are many attractive, available women with whom you are compatible.

Anti Slut Defense (ASD) - Actions a girl takes in order to avoid appearing slutty or having low standards. This typically occurs when a girl wants to escalate physically but is worried about what other people will think. It can also occur when she is judging herself.

Approach Anxiety (AA) - Fear of making an approach, usually due to expecting to be rejected or not having anything to say. It tends to only grow the longer you wait.

Alpha - A male who is widely considered confident and attractive, and is generally the leader of his social group.

Alpha Male Other Guy (AMOG) – A guy who is attempting to assert himself as the alpha of a group through direct competition with other guys. AMOG is also used as a verb for use of aggressive competitive tactics.

Assuming Attraction – Acting as if a woman is attracted to you rather than trying to figure out if she is. The only cost to be wrong is a little wasted time, while waiting to find out if there is attraction can mean blowing an opportunity.

Auto-Reject – See Bitch Shield.

Average Frustrated Chump (AFC) – A guy who is frustrated by his lack of success with women. While he may not be completely inexperienced, he struggles to even talk to girls, and is generally pessimistic about his dating prospects.

Beta – A male who is generally lacking in confidence and charisma, and struggles to attract women.

Bitch Shield – A woman’s instinctive reaction to be dismissive of or mean to a guy who has approached her. This tends to occur when a woman has been approached by too many guys she finds unattractive and has developed a habit of auto-rejection.

Burn to the Ground – Staying in Set until Pulling or being forced to leave.

Buying Temperature – A woman’s level of attraction and willingness to escalate at a particular moment. A high buying temperature is the same as being “in the mood.”

Calibration – Reading a situation and adjusting your style, strategy, etc to match.

Caveman – Aggressive physicality with a girl.

Chick Crack – Topics that are popular with women, but are completely without substance, such as astrology, spirituality, and Glee.

Cockblock – Someone who, intentionally or unintentionally, spoils a situation, kills the mood, or interferes with an attempt to isolate or extract. Rather than AMOGing, Cockblocking typically does not involve sexual competition.

Cold Reading – The act of pretending to be particularly insightful and perceptive, while actually telling people things that are true about nearly everyone.

Comfort – How comfortable a girl feels. Comfort results in her feeling relaxed, safe, and free from judgment.

Community – The pickup artist community. Not really any one community, but a network of different groups and forums.

Crash and Burn (C&B) – An interaction that fails miserably.

Dancing Monkey Syndrome – Trying to attract women by entertaining them.

Day Game - Sarging in the day time, typically in parks and other outdoor spaces rather than bars and clubs.

Day TwoA date following the initial meeting (which is Day One). Should be Day One, with the first meeting as Day Zero, but tough luck Europeans, we’re counting this American-style.

Demonstration of High Value (DHV) – Displaying traits that are generally considered to be highly attractive, such as confidence, a strong social network, and an interesting lifestyle. The product of good Outer Game.

Dibs – Having priority in pursuing a girl over your wingmen, typically gained by being the first to open. It is bad form to have dibs on more than one person at a time.

Disqualify – The act of making yourself not appear as a potential romantic interest. This is done in order to avoid an Auto Reject response.

Doggy Dinner Bowl – The look a woman gives a man when she is very attracted, her Buying Temperature is up, and she is hanging on a man’s every word.

Don’t Shit Where You Eat – The maxim that you ought not to try to pick up girls at work, and can also apply to other venues where it worthwhile to maintain your reputation and a comfortable space, such as your regular neighborhood bar. Shitting where you eat is typically the product of Scarcity Mentality.

Eliciting Values – Learning, typically through conversation, what a particular woman values. The purpose is to allow for Calibration and a Demonstration of High Value which is especially appealing to her.

F Close – Sex. The F is for fuckin’.

Facebook – The form of communication of last resort. If you already have a girl’s number, do not add her on Facebook.

False Time Constraint – A comment delivered with an Opener to indicate that the conversation will soon end. Used to avoid girls trying to find a way to get rid of you.

Field Report – A narrative account of a date or a time spent sarging.

Field Test – To try an, opener, line or routine repeatedly (20+ times) to gauge it’s effectiveness and to troubleshoot.

Flake – A girl who either cancels a date at the last minute or does not show at all. Flaking is typically a form of Indirect Rejection.

Fluff – Conversation where the content serves no particular purpose.

Fool’s Game - Picking up a girl by luck. Many people place too much emphasis on random bits of success, rather than Field Testing.

Frame – The general attitude determining how a particular situation and its participants are perceived. For instance, the frame will determine who is the alpha of the group, and other members of the group will typically perceive that person as more attractive. There can be multiple competing frames at the same time.

Frame Control – Competing to have your preferred frame dominate a social interaction.

Freeze Out – Completely stopping physical/sexual contact in response to a girl resisting escalation.

Friendzone – The reason you’re on this website. The friendzone results from a girl enjoying a guy’s company, but not wanting to be involved with him sexually.

Go Fuck Ten Other Women (GFTOW) - The cure to Oneitis. Does not need to be literally sex with ten women, and is often alternative read as “Go Find Ten Other Women.” The purpose is to exposure yourself to new possibilities in order to put another woman into proper context.

Hired Gun – A woman working in a job, typically food service or retail sales, which requires interaction with customers. Typically a bad person to try to pick up, because they are hit on constantly be customers, and are required to be polite which makes Calibration difficult. Just let them do their jobs.

Honesty – A surprisingly effective policy.

Hook – The point in a conversation when you go from being a stranger making an approach to being accepted as a part of the group.

Hot Babe (HB) – Term used for identifying girls, generally used in a field report. HB is typically followed by a characteristic, such as HBIcelandic, or HB7 (indicating she is a 7 on a standard scale of 1-10).

Indicator of Interest (IOI) – A verbal or (more commonly) non-verbal cue that a woman is interested in you, such as re-engaging in conversation when you stop talking.

Indirect Rejection – When rather than telling a guy no or that she isn’t interested, the girl dodges the issue and hopes he takes he hint or gives up. A girl who repeatedly tells a guy she is busy whenever he asks her out, even though she wouldn’t go out with him if she did have free time, is indirectly rejecting him.

Inner Game – The way you communicate value to yourself.

Insta-Date – Going on a date with a girl who you’ve just met.

Isolate – To either take a girl somewhere where you are completely alone, or simply away from the view of her friends. Generally a requirement for making out.

Just Be Yourself – Advice that basically means “Just keep doing that shit that hasn’t been working all this time.” Instead, improve yourself and be your best self.

K Close – Ending an interaction with a kiss. Typically occurs because you didn’t go for the kiss earlier, because if you did, you’d probably be saying “Makeout” instead of “K Close.”

Kino- Touchin’

Last Minute Resistance (LMR) - When a girl resists physical escalation when otherwise all signs pointed towards having sex.

Long Term Relationship (LTR) – What most people think of as a relationship.

Magic Bullet – An imaginary routine, mantra, or mindset that will immediately improve your success with women and life in general over night. Doesn’t exist. This stuff takes practice.

Minced Rejection – When a girl intends to give a rejection, but instead says something that is either neutral or even positive, such as “Sorry, can’t, I’m busy this weekend, but maybe another time,” when she really means “No not ever, not with weekend, not any other weekend, and certainly never with you.”

Mother Hen – A girl who feels the need to “protect” her friends from guys who are hitting on them. She is often motivated by the desire to make sure everyone is having as bad a time as she is.

Movies – Fake shit. Oh, you just watch it for body language or something? Yeah, well no one is responding to James Bond’s body language, they’re responding to the script they were given, so you won’t learn anything from movies.

Neg (also: Neg Hit) – A verbal poke, neither compliment nor insult, though at times appearing to be either or both. Seriously, not an insult. Don’t go around insulting women and calling it negging.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Some bullshit. Basically chick crack, but for dudes. See also: Hypnotism and Nofap.

Nice Guy – Someone who follows the advice of their mom and sentimental romance movies. He thinks he can win a girl by buying her flowers and meals, complimenting her, never disagreeing with her, hiding his sexual desires, and Supplicating. Nice Guys are often not actually that nice, and have a tendency to look down on other people, especially women and alpha males.

Number Close (also: # Close) – Ending an interaction by exchanging phone numbers.

Obstacle – A person who is or who may interfere with a pickup attempt. Common obstacles include Mother Hens, Orbiters, and AMOGs.

Oneitis – Irrational infatuation with a girl. Typically, oneitis occurs with a girl the guy has little or no interactions with, has probably never been on a date with, and may never have even talked to. The guy will usually believe that the oneitis holds the key to fixing his life and making him happy.

Opener – The first thing said when approaching a girl.

Orbiter – A male friend of a girl who wants to date her, but in whom the girl has no interest.

Outer Game – The way you communicate value to others.

Peacocking - Having or wearing some distinctive item. This is done in order to draw attention as well as giving interested women an easy means of initiating conversation.

Pivot – A sort of neutral party to your sarging (not a target or obstacles), used to expand your social group in a venue.

Pick Up Artist (PUA) – A guy who has studied PUA stuff.

Plowing – Continuing a conversation with a girl by ignoring any slight mistakes on your part, shit tests from her, and minor indications of disinterest. Plowing can also refer to continuing sarging in generally despite setbacks and failures.

Pull – Bringing a girl home from a venue.

Push/Pull – A technique for building attraction by sending mixed signals of interest and disinterest.

Rapport – The connection you’ve built by talking to someone.

Read The Fucking Manual (RTFM) – Read the basics before you start asking questions. Don’t waste the time of people who are willing to help you. And just to be clear, that’s “the fucking manual” like “the God damn manual” and not “the manual on how to fuck.”

Routine – A scripted conversation or story that can be memorized and rehearsed before hand and reused many times.

Sarging – Going out to meet women.

Scarcity Mentality – Believing there are few opportunities to find a suitable mate, and often believing only one particular girl is a viable option.

Set - A temporary social grouping. Sets are defined by the number of people in them: a 1Set has one person, 2Set has 2, etc. Unless specified, it is assumed all members of the set are female.

Short Term Relationship (STR) - A fling, usually lasting from 1 week to 1 month.

Shit Test – A statement or question a girl says in order to weed out beta males. Shit tests typically work by presenting two obvious responses, both of which are wrong.

Social Proof – Demonstrating value by showing a strong social group, typically by having attractive women in your group, and visibly having a lot of fun.

State – The zone.

Supplication – Being a doormat.

Target – The girl you are currently trying to pick up.

Texting – A means of conveying basic information. Not a suitable vehicle for building attraction.

Three Point Look (also: Triangular Gaze) – A quick look from a girl’s eyes to her lips and back up to the eyes, used to build sexual tension and as a precursor to kissing.

Three Second Rule – Approaching a target within 3 seconds of noticing her, used to avoid developing approach anxiety.

Turbogirl – HB9 or HB10 with blonde hair and big tits (either of which can be fake), and who desperately uses her looks to draw attention to herself. Is usually

Venue Change – Taking a girl from one location to another. Typically two different establishments, though a mini-venue change can occur by moving between two parts of the same place. The purpose of a venue change is to allow a girl to see you in more than one setting, and thus feel like she knows you better and become comfortable.

White Knight – A male who believes that women are always in the right, and always in need of protection. Being a White Knight is often a form of extreme supplication with either a conscious or subconscious intention of winning over the woman being defended.

Wingman – A male who makes a deliberate effort to help you while sarging.

Wingwoman – A female who will point out attractive women and tell you that you should go talk to them. She may also suggest being yourself.

Woo Girls – A group of girls at a bar who make a lot of noise, especially screeching “woo” whenever doing shots.

Wood – Derogatory term for a girl’s number gotten without a real connection, thus meaning she will likely Flake and the number is worthless.

Would You Like To Come Up And See My Etchings? - Using subtext to communicate an obvious desire. In this case, the intention is “Would you like to come up and have sex?”

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