05. Atomic Game

First things first, it’s atomic as in dealing with fundamental particles, and not “oh my god! this stuff is going to revolutionize your game over night!” It’s also not the usage of atomic you’d find a hot sauce label.

Second things second, before discussing what atomic game is, I need to go over Outer Game and Inner Game. Hopefully you know this stuff, but even if so, the context is important for the concept of Atomic Game.

Outer Game

This is all the stuff like learning routines, false time constraints, eliciting values, as well as peacocking and social proof. There’s probably a thousand and one different outer game techniques, many that work for almost everyone, and many others which require the right type of personality, scenario, etc.

No matter what the technique is, Outer Game is about communicating your value to other people.

Anyone who has read The Game will remember that a ton of the guys from Project Hollywood got extremely good with outer game, many of them with countless hours of material they could recite in a very captivating way. Also, almost none of them were getting laid. They could put on a show, but there was nothing underneath it. They remained incredibly insecure and were basically just hoping to get laid before a girl noticed they were just betas wearing an alpha mask.

Inner Game

Picture yourself as a salesman trying to sell a product you think is absolutely worthless. It’s going to be a challenge, right? If you’re a great actor, you can maybe do it, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier to sell a product you actually believed in?

Inner Game is about believing in your own value.

When Inner Game first came around it was described as running game on yourself. If you believe in your value you’re going to start exerting confidence, there will be enthusiasm in your voice, when you make a move it will feel congruent to your personality.

Yet, even with the advent of Inner Game, there are still guys having problems getting girls. They get pumped up, they get into state, they’re ready to run the club, and then things still fall apart for them.

One reason is that a lot of pickup theory these days focuses solely on Inner Game, with Outer Game either ignored, or worse, ridiculed. It’s easy to get guys pumped up for a couple hours, or even an entire weekend. You take them to some exciting clubs they’ve never been in before, get them to have fun without really worrying about the outcomes, and at the end of the day they’ll feel good about the experience despite the fact that their skills have not advanced one bit. It’s good business, but bad pickup training.

That’s only one reason why guys with good Inner Game still have problems. There are also some guys who have good Inner Game, pretty competent Outer Game, and still just cannot advance. The problem is that just like how girls will see through Outer Game that has no substance behind it, when you’re running Inner Game on yourself you’ll also begin to realize that it’s all just smoke and mirrors.

Atomic Game

You just imagined how much easier it would be to sell a product you believed in as opposed to one you didn’t. Now, imagine how much easier it would be to sell that product if you not only believed in it but it was truly a great product. You can have all the confidence you want in the quality of a Dodge, but wouldn’t you rather be selling a Benz?

Atomic Game is actually having value.

I know some people will want to say that every guy has value, he just needs to believe in it. I disagree. Well, maybe every guy has some value, but not everyone has the same value, and certainly not everyone has the most value they’re capable of having.

Think about Neil Strauss in The Game. He started out as the epitome of the AFC, but after just little a little bit of confidence and a few routines and techniques under his belt he become unstoppable. Doesn’t that just prove that Outer Game and Inner Game are all you need? Nope. Style had so much relatively easy success because he started out with a ton of core value. He is extremely smart, was writing for Rolling Stone, and had lived through a bunch of really cool experiences. In short, he didn’t just have confidence, he had something to be confident in.

All of these concepts play off each other. It’s easier to have good Outer Game when you have good Inner Game, and easier to have good Inner Game when you have good Atomic Game. It’s also easier to have good Inner Game when you have good Outer Game. A bit of success under your belt makes it easier to believe in yourself. And, it’s easier to have good Atomic Game if you have good Inner Game, because it’s easier to invest in improving yourself if you believe you’re worth improving, and both Inner Game and Outer Game are themselves values building your Atomic Game.

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