Living With Pretty – An Introduction

I haven’t really done anything with the blog here, so I figured it’s time to start. I’m starting a new phase of my life this month; I just turned 30 years old, I’ll be teaching a college course for the first time, and I’m about to have a female roommate. A very pretty, much younger female roommate, who I’ll be referring to as “Pretty.”

I normally don’t like pickup blogs that chronicle the goingsout of PUAs. Mostly I just find them boring, they’re lacking on both detail and analysis, full of brag reports, and there’s probably more than a little exaggeration going on. I do however think it can be useful to guys to have a journal for personal reasons. If you do spend the time to go over the details and think things through your analytical skills will improve and you’ll have an easier time applying the theory when you go out.

That said, I think I’m going to be contributing something a bit novel here. Not many guys have attractive female roommates. I never have before, except for a month where one of my coworkers slept on my couch while looking for a place to live. I don’t have a sister either — something many guys have reported as being very useful in understanding women.

So, this ought to be a great way to learn about women better. Also, I’m curious how it’s going to impact my quality of life in other ways. I suspect that having an attractive girl around is going to mean I constantly feel like I need to DHV. This could be wildly stressful, but I’m optimistic that it’s just going to make me a better person. I’ll have to keep the place clean and not spend entire weekends vegging out to Netflix or playing Diablo. Of course there’s the possibility that she vegges out all weekend watching Netflix and I’ll want to join in because, hey, why not spend the day watching Netflix with a cute girl, right? She’s into fitness and that stuff though, so I doubt it’ll be a problem, and certainly no worse than my last roommate who’d lose entire weekends to professional football and who primarily ate frozen chicken nuggets and PF Chang’s.

To help me follow the quality of life impact I’m going to keep track of two numbers: my weight, and how many pull ups I can do, and those numbers are presently 168.3lbs and 7 pull ups. I weighed roughly the same (give or take a pound) and could do 2 pull ups when I first moved in with my old roommate. Before he announced he was moving out (shacking up with his girlfriend) I could do 3, so I’ve come a long way in the last month. And of course I’ll be noting the soft, non-quantifiable changes as well.

And no, I won’t send you a picture.


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