Ready, Steady, Wayne Elise

Wayne Elise (“Juggler”) as a guest on the British cooking competition show Ready, Steady Cook. You’ll have to sit through the cooking part of the show to get the seduction advice, but the little bit of it is very solid. It starts at about 6:00 into Part 2.

If you don’t feel like watching, here’s the synopsis:

Guys tend to make one of two mistakes, either they show interest too early or not at all. Too early and you say you’re interested in her only for her looks; too late and you’re in the friend zone.

Other tips are to discuss things in emotional terms, smile more, and if you’re going to juggle just start juggling, don’t preface it with “Heyyyyy guyyyyssss! Pay attention to me, I’m going to do something! …Guyyyyysssss!!!!”

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